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About the company behind the Cutting-edge Analysis of fruit crops

Intelligent Fruit Vision Ltd (IFV) has been founded with the goal to commercialise our novel FruitVision technology for the fruit growing sector, and to wider horticulture in future. The company is a joint venture, formed between two experienced companies in the arena; the Technology Research Centre Ltd (TRC), and Worldwide Fruit Ltd.


TRC is a technology development and commercialization business, which develops vision based technologies and commercialises them through joint ventures and spin out businesses. We are a fast growing business with highly qualified staff whose skills and knowledge cover a wide spectrum. Our directors are experienced in building businesses and in selling capital equipment.


Worldwide Fruit Ltd are the largest wholesaler of fruit to the UK and EU markets. They have growers in the UK, EU, South Africa & South America. They are part of the Turners & Growers group that has similar wholesalers serving other EU markets. Together, they provide IFV with an

intimate knowledge of the market, its problems and drivers and the solutions, and couple this with a well established network of initial customers through their co-operatives, and strong links with supermarket customers.


Worldwide Fruit already provide expert support to growers to increase yields and Class I fruit, using their Grower Scorecard to extract detailed yield and grade-out information to identify the root causes of problems. FruitVision technology is an extension of that support and a powerful tool in crop analysis and forecasting.


See here below, our video demonstration feature with Good Fruit Grower magazine:


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