Giant leap forward for Fruitvision


It’s been a busy 2019 so far for IFV, not least with new systems being deployed across New Zealand, USA and Spain.


Our first EV (electric vehicle) mounted system has hit the ground running in the USA, where the zero engine vibration has made a marked improvement to the detection rate and operational speed of the counting and sizing tool.


The images below were taken by our distributor Washington Tractor, who provided the installation and deployment.





The new 3.1 software has now officially been released, which builds on the switch to the machine-learning algorithm released last year.


The main leap forward in the technology is the ability now to count and size both red and green apples, as the system uses a model file to recognise certain characteristics of the fruit in a greyscale image.


This has greatly enhanced the period of use throughout the season, and opens up new possibilities for growers to use the system for making an earlier intervention in their crop-load per tree.




The additional features/functionality found in version 3.1 can be found below:


  • Recover Partial Data – The ability to recover full row data for any interrupted scan.
  • Enhanced Report Viewer Programme – 3 new reports and improved data modification capabilities.
  • Review Scan Data – Ability to review all data captured row-by-row, instead of having to wait until the completion of the scan.
  • Remote Support – All new PCs issued with a Wi-Fi dongle that allows remote support by our software team, wherever in the world you are.
  • Data Recorder – Provide IFV with video data of your orchard to allow us to create a bespoke model file for your variety, in your region.
  • Back Office Tool – Upload meta data from the comfort of your office instead of via the on-board PC.




Various other bug-fixes are also included in the new version, full release notes are available upon request.

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