Data Capture


Determine the Productivity of Your Orchards with IFV’s FruitVision system


Precision farming requires precision tools. With multiple video cameras, IFV has developed a cutting-edge system that allows growers to capture the critical growing data they need from their orchards to make informed decisions on orchard management.


Growers do not always have the man power necessary to adequately assess orchard health or potential. A key part of management practice is to know when & how to ‘thin’ crops to promote selective growth. This is very dependent on knowing accurately how many fruit there are on each tree at key stages in the growing season. We believe that with the ability to identify trends & potential defects earlier in the growth cycle, we can improve orchard management techniques.




Vehicle Mounted Vision System


A Quad bike / Orchard tractor mounted vision system is driven between tree lines of orchards at a speed of up to 8km/h (5mph), measuring the quantity, size, density and locations of apples on the trees.


Together this information gives growers unprecedented resources to determine the crop yield & productivity of their orchards – providing accurate crop estimates of volume, size and class of fruit yields.

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